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Quality Bookkeeping at Affordable Rates allowing you to Concentrate on the Business and we help with the Financial and Management Accounting.

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Business Bookkeeping & IT Solutions (BBITS) is a registered BAS agent bookkeeping business run by qualified accountants who specialise in providing a quality and affordable service to both our customers and their taxation accountants. Services can be performed either during normal working hours or after hours and at either your workplace or our SOHO. BBITS can access IT equipment at wholesale prices and ensure you never have to pay full RRP on IT equipment.

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At Business Bookkeeping & IT Solutions we aim to provide you with advice when your business needs it, not just when you ask for it. 


Taking care of the bookkeeping side of your business can be time consuming, frustrating and stressful for many small business owners, not to mention costly if you were to make a mistake.

For Clients

Dealing with tax accountants can be an issue for many small to medium sized businesses who are not trained in or proficient with tax and financial accounting issues. Bookkeepers play an important middle man role to ensure that client’s needs are advised to the tax accountants in such a way that they are fully understood and that tax accountant’s needs are fully explained to clients in plain English so that strategies can be introduced to meet these needs.
Bookkeepers should be fully utilised to reduce the client’s accounting costs. They should be able to simplify the accounting process internally and make the client’s life just that bit simpler. A bookkeeper plays a vital role in the management accounting of a business where financials are married with physical performance. Most bookkeepers charge out rates would be less than the charge out rates of the client, so making it is likely to be more economic to employ the skills of a competent bookkeeper rather than doing this bookkeeping themselves or using non-qualified family and friends who could be making (costly) mistakes. Business Bookkeeping & IT Solutions staff can genuinely meet all the client’s needs in regard to their bookkeeping requirements, at an affordable price.

Tax Accountants

Accountant want qualified and competent bookkeepers. They want a bookkeeper who can ensure the accountant’s strategies and plans for their clients are introduced by acting as a conduit for them. Accountants prefer bookkeepers to keep clients’ accounts up to date and accurate. This helps their clients manage their debtors, creditors and cash flows. Accountants rely on bookkeepers to ensure payroll and tax liabilities are under control and paid on time. Accountants require all reconcilable accounts are reconciled before they see the accounts.
Accountants prefer cloud based accounting programs so they can analyse client’s financials whenever require. Tax accountants have some issues with technical accounting skills not being strong enough in their bookkeepers. Most of all tax accountants prefer to use bookkeepers who empathise with them and their needs, and can converse meaningfully with them. Bookkeepers at Business Bookkeeping & IT Solutions are highly qualified and well positioned to take all the accountant’s needs into account when practicing their bookkeeping.

Our Team

With more than 10 years of experience in the field, our team at Brisbane Bookkeeping are more than willing to help you with your accounting needs. 

Geoff Pretty

B. Comm. (Accounting & Finanace)

Bao Mai

(International Marketing)

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